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FNS-MenuBuilder is used to customize the personal application menu. From the menus found on the system applications or folders can be copied into it.

Also it is possible to create own application or folder entries. The personal entries can be sorted with drag’n'drop.

Module FNS-MenuBuilder


Root Menu

Contains the application menu(s) found on the system and activated in FNS-MenuConfigurator. Choose a folder or an application entry which should appear in the personal menu.


Respectively only one entry per selection is possible.

Personal Menu

Contains the favorite application entries and folders if .personal found in ~/.fvwm-nightshade/. The entries can be sorted with drag’n'drop.


In the Statusbar at the bottom of the window the last selected entry (Root or Personal) is shown with the type (Application/Folder), its name and the command (application only).


Add >

Adds the selected root menu entry. It will be pasted below of the selected personal menu entry. If no one is selected it will be put at the end of the list.

< Remove

Removes the selected personal menu entry.


Removing a folder removes ALL entries below!


Opens a dialog to add a custom application or folder entry to personal menu.

For more details see Create Dialog chapter below.


Saves the changed menu in .personal. A backup of the previous personal menu will be created, too (.personal.bak).


Closes FNS-MenuBuilder.

Create Dialog

With the Create button a dialog appears to build a custom entry. Two types can be chosen - an application or folder entry.

Icon Button

With the Icon button an own icon can be selected. Clicking opens a selection dialog in the icon theme directory set in FNS-BaseSetup. No icon change creates an entry without an icon.


For highest quality choose a greater size than set in Regenerate Menu(s). Default is 24.


Add here the command with or without parameters. Clicking the button to the right opens a dialog to choose the wanted executable/script. Both are active if Application is chosen.


The shown menu name of the folder or application.


Adds the custom entry under the selected personal menu entry. If no one selected it appears at the end of the list.


Closes the dialog without adding a custom entry to personal menu.


The new menu entries are saved in ~/.fvwm-nightshade/.personal.

A backup file .personal.bak is created every time a new menu is saved.


It overwrites an existing backup. So only the previous personal menu exists!


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