Desktop environment based on Fvwm

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

  1. Does Fvwm-Nightshade overwrite or destroy a current Fvwm configuration?

    No. It has it’s own directory ~/.fvwm-nightshade for user configuration. Also it has it’s own login entry in a graphical login manager like GDM or KDM. So you can run Fvwm-Nightshade parallel to Fvwm.

  2. How do I upgrade Fvwm-Nightshade?

    Unfortunately no update mechanism exists because of the different possibilities an user have. Below the safest way is described:

    1. Logout and uninstall Fvwm-Nightshade.

    2. Rename ~/.fvwm-nightshade to e.g. ~/fvwm-nightshade_last.

    3. Install the new version and login.

    4. Copy .menu, .fns-menu.cfg, .FvwmTransSet if available, .personal and icon/ into new ~/.fvwm-nightshade/.

    5. All other files like .settings, config or .bindings if available should be checked with a diff tool for differences.

    6. After finishing restart Fvwm-Nightshade.